Taiwan extends visa-free visits for Filipinos for another year

  • Visa-free entry for Filipino citizens who will visit Taipei is extended for a year, according to Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office
  • Extension is due to the increase of Filipino visitors since 2017
  • TECO also encouraged more Filipinos to maximize the visa-free status
Image from Richelle Ariaga via Facebook

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office last July 2 announced that the visa-free entry for Filipino citizens will be extended for another year from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020.

The implementation of the aforementioned privilege is due to the increase of Filipinos visiting Taiwan.

Records have shown that in 2018 — a year after the visa-free entry started, there was a 49% increase or 419,000 Filipinos who visited Taiwan.

Image from Richelle Ariaga via Facebook

TECO also emphasized that the extension aims to deepen the two countries’ friendship and bilateral relations.

“The visa-free privilege also aims to deepen Taiwan’s multifaceted relations with the Philippines, particularly in the fields of tourism, trade, investment, education, agriculture, fisheries and healthcare, etc.”

Image from Richelle Ariaga via Facebook

Moreover, TECO is encouraging more Filipinos to maximize the visa-free extension and experience Taiwan’s wide array of attractions and warm hospitality. And in return, to grant a visa-free pass to Taiwanese tourists as well.

“So as to attract more Taiwanese tourists and businessmen to visit the Philippines. It will surely strengthen the bilateral ties and mutually benefit our two countries.”

Image from Richelle Ariaga via Facebook

Philippine travellers may enter Taiwan and stay for up to 14 days without having to apply for a visa should they comply with the conditions listed below:

  1. Possess an ordinary/regular passport with remaining validity of at least six months from the date of entry
  2. Hold a confirmed return plane or boat ticket, or a confirmed plane or boat ticket, along with a valid visa, for an onward destination
  3. Provide the confirmation of hotel reservations or an address and contact details for their stay in Taiwan, as well as a financial statement
  4. Have a clean criminal record, as verified by immigration upon arrival at an airport or seaport in Taiwan.

The duration of the 14-day visa-free is not extendable and begins on the following day of arrival in Taiwan.

Source: Taipei Economic and Cultural office

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