Help pours for homeless Pinoy immigrant in Canada after fate fell short on him

  • Allan Par who has been living in Canada for nine years became homeless after getting unemployed
  • To survive, he built a temporary home made of wood pallets in St. James industrial area in Winnipeg
  • After his story was told, he now receives help from people giving him food and drinks, while some offered him jobs

“Bayanihan” is one of the most admirable traits among Filipinos which has, since time immemorial, been practiced even by our ancestors.

Image captured from Khalid Alsugair’s Instagram video

This act is very common and can be observed within our family circle, in our society such as barangays or cities, and most especially to the Filipino community who are working and living abroad.

It is typical that we hear stories of Filipinos living abroad helping other Filipinos who need help or support to overcome homesickness, or to be saved from their employers, or when they don’t have a place to live in or a job.

And just recently, the spirit of Bayanihan in a Filipino community was again observed in Canada when they heard about the unfortunate story of the 41-year old Filipino Immigrant named Allan Par.

Allan’s story of getting unemployed and becoming homeless became viral on social media after CBC News featured his story.

Image captured from CBC News video

Based on the article, Allan is presently living in a shack made of wood pallets he built himself beside a parking lot bridge and a creek in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada for a year now.

By the time the Filipino local community heard about Alan’s story, he began to have visitors checking in on him, and extending help by giving food, water, and money.

In an interview, he said he is thankful for the help he is receiving but also overwhelmed because he thinks that there are others who need these things more than him.

Image captured from CBC News video

Aside from basic necessities he has been receiving, there are also job offers from construction companies who want to hire him.

Meanwhile, on GoFundMe, there’s a campaign for Allan entitled “Allan Par: Homeless Immigrant Wants to Go Home” created by Dante Aviso, who also lives in Winnipeg.

The campaign aims to fund Allan’s plane ticket going back to the Philippines. To date, it has earned $1,578.

Image from Go Fund Me website

Sources: CBC News GoFundMe Buzz Flare Instagram

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