Taylor Swift’s new music video sparks memes, even gets used in McDonald’s promo

Image via Taylor Swift YouTube channel

Heavy buzz was observed across social media on Monday as music superstar Taylor Swift released the music video of her new single ‘You Need to Calm Down’.

Loaded with celebrity cameos, with focus on the LGBTQ community and supporters – were part of the video like Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds, RuPaul, Ciara, Adam Lambert and Hannah Heart.

But Katy Perry’s appearance at the end of the video sparked high interest from netizens all over the world.

The hamburger and french fries tandem of Taylor and Katy indicated an end to their long-time feud. And the internet, of course, didn’t miss the chance to go wild again.

Aside from loud applause and approving messages from the LGBTQ community and supporters on this Taylor Swift’s campaign, a lot of memes were born.

Some highlighted the production of Taylor’s music videos connected with witty captions.

Image via Twitter

While some focused on the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift reconciliation.

Image via Twitter

And as expected brands will grab the opportunity to leverage on the hype too.

Part of the list was McDonald’s PH which posted a promotional image of a hamburger and french fries, with caption “You need to calm down. Satisfy your cravings and get that burger and french fries fix at a McDonald’s near you.”

They also added a witty tagline “Let’s ketchup” which points out to the long years of no communication between Katy and Taylor (if the online statements against each other are not counted).

Netizens were quick to break the puzzle; linking the promo content to the latest video. Fans were actually impressed.

But one of the replies to McDo’s promo on Twitter showed that this is not the first time the fast food chain carried out a Taylor Swift-inspired promotion.

Image via Twitter

The “Move on agad? That was a SWIFT” promo which alluded to Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift breakup in 2016.

Now, we definitely know how Taylor is a big influence in our lives!

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