Kind Jeepney Driver Gives Free Rides and ‘Baon’ to Poor Kids

A kind jeepney driver in Metro Manila went viral last year in August after a netizen shared how he gives free rides and ‘baon’ (allowance) to poor kids so they can go to school.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, netizen Gener Gv Victor Garcia narrated how he was going to SM Bacoor with his family when a group of around 8 kids flagged the jeep they were riding and asked the driver whether they could ride (for free).

Well, the kind driver replied that, indeed, they can as long as there were vacant seats.

Photo credit: Gener Gv Victor Garcia / Facebook

He’s not going to ask them to pay the fare but the driver told the kids that when they grow up, they should also help others. He joked that he might ask for help from them when they get older but they might turn him away.

The kids promised they will be good and be like him when they grow up.

Garcia noted that two of the kids went off the jeep first. The driver called one of the kids, asking if he was the one he had given ‘baon’ that morning; the boy replied that it was, indeed, him who received the money.

Hearing that, the generous driver told him that he will give him ‘baon’ again the following day, if ever they chanced on his jeep again.

Photo credit: Gener Gv Victor Garcia / Facebook

Impressed and touched by this jeepney driver’s kindness, Garcia took photos of the jeep and shared these on Facebook, praising the driver; although he failed to ask for the man’s name or take his photo.

We hope there will be more drivers and kindhearted people to help the ones in need.

Kudos to you, Kuya Driver! We don’t know who you are but may you be blessed.