GenSan teacher has a ‘techie’ way of checking his class’ attendance

  • A senior high school teacher from General Santos City has come up with a ‘techie’ idea of checking his students’ attendance
  • He also shared that the application he currently use is paper less, fast and efficient
  • Netizens, specifically fellow teachers, were amused with his method

Remember when back in high school and college, we used to pass on a sheet of paper to write our name and signature in, indicating that we were present in a class?

Have you experienced asking your classroom BFF to sign that attendance sheet for you, or ask them to imitate your voice during the roll call, because for some reason, you’re coming in late?

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For senior high school teacher, Rod Ryan Eturma, checking his class’ attendance – without any student falsifying their presence – is the last of his concerns.

Teacher Rod who teaches Empowerment Technology at the Fatima National High School in General Santos City has a very cool and techie way of checking his students’ attendance.

On his Facebook page, Eturma shared his method wherein, he checks his students’ attendance by scanning a QR (quick response) code he assigned to each of his students.

He also said that the method is faster, more efficient and also nature-friendly because of less paper used to do monthly attendance report.

Image from Rod Ryan Eturma via Facebook

“There are powerful apps created to simplify the checking of attendance, therefore, more efficient and fast. Paperless and will automatically link to MS Excel for generation of monthly report.”

According to Eturma, he came up with the idea because he was sick and tired of shouting each of his students’ names during roll calls.

Image from Rod Ryan Eturma via Facebook

“Checking attendance is very important to track learners’ presence in school, but I am always sick and tired of shouting their names everyday and them saying present or absent.”

Eturma also shared a step-by-step method of his attendance checking.

“I printed out their QR codes and that represents their identification. Embedded on their QR code is their name and section. I gave it to them and they inserted it on their IDs. Some laminated it and enlarged. Before they enter my classroom, I let them fall in line outside according to gender. Then they will display their codes and I will scan it. The phone will encode their time of arrival.”

Image from Rod Ryan Eturma via Facebook

Eturma’s post, which was originally shared in July of 2018, resurfaced a few days ago, and has gotten more likes and shares. His method was commended by some netizens – many of whom are also teachers.

“New teaching strategies in checking attendance. Haha hasul!!”

“Nice one, teacher Ryan!”

“Pwede ito na lang, ‘wag na yung puro sigaw ng PRESENT?” 

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