Cum Laude from UP Cebu proudly wears LGBT colors on Grad pic

  • A UP graduate from Cebu City has a creative way of celebrating the Pride month and his joy for graduating Cum Laude
  • He shared on his Facebook page the meaning behind this very creative gesture
  • He also gave advise to those who are having a hard time “coming out”

The LBGT community is celebrating the Pride Month this June.

Image from freepik

But for Mass Communication student Czar Dabon, June isn’t just for celebrating Pride month but also his graduating as a Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines – Cebu.

Dabon decided to celebrate this wonderful life event by wearing colorful makeup which symbolizes the LGBT pride flag during his graduation pictorial.

Image from Czaar Dabon via Facebook

 “I wear the colors of my eyes with pride as I wear the Sablay with humility,” Dabon quipped.

On his Facebook post, Dabon also explained why the colors in his makeup represent more than just creativity.

It first represents privilege and acceptance—of getting a good education and being born into the middle class, to a family that is supportive of who he is, and for having an accepting environment; adding that becoming part of UP is the ‘icing in the cake.’

“That gave me the advantage and opportunities that led me to graduate with flying colors.”

The colors represent struggles and celebration; explaining that behind every bright shade are moments of dullness and episodes of questioning his self-worth and contribution to the society. He added that it is also a celebration of being authentic and living his own truth.

Image from Czar Dabon via Facebook

More importantly, his artistic work represents pride, wherein it commemorates protests and uprising which led the way for LGBT representation and rights.

“The colors represent Pride in the sense of fighting for inclusivity, equality and protection of our rights, to challenge and change societal norms, and to end all forms of discrimination and oppressi0n to all sectors – for the LGBTQIAAP+ community, women, children, and people of all races and class.  #PrideIsProtest”

He ended his post by reminding everyone to never be afraid to express oneself, embrace self-worth and self growth.

Source: Facebook, Cebu Daily News

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