Artistic humanoid robot launches its first art exhibition

We all have our own interests. You can be an art enthusiast or a robot fanatic, or you can be both at the same time!

So, here’s an extraordinary news for you!

Ai-Da, the artistic humanoid robot launched its first art exhibition called “Unsecured Futures”. Her artworks will be displayed at University of Oxford from June 12 to July 6 .

This artist-robot has an artificial intelligence which means it can paint, draw and sculpt. The robot was first introduced in February and was named after Ada Lovelace, the first female computer programmer .

Aidan Meller who is a gallery director invented Ai-Da. She was claimed to be the “first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist”.

Image via Ai-Da Robot YouTube

Ai-Da’s design and built were created by the Cornish robotics company Engineered Arts, while her ability to draw was developed by students at the University of Leeds.

The camera in Ai-Da’s eyes capture images. Algorithms will then send instructions to her robotic arms to function.

The creators wrote on their website that Ai-Da is their response on the huge change that’s happening to the world. They aim to encourage people to question and develop the ethics of how new technologies are used, for better and for worse.

Moreover, they described Ai-Da as a mechanical robot, not real and has no thoughts and feelings, but foretells a period when trans-human biotechnology could be possible.

Included in her sold-out inaugural exhibition were her artworks. Some of these creatives pay tribute to Ada Lovelace and mathematician Alan Turing.

Image via Ai-Da Robot YouTube

Also in the show was Ai-Da’s performance art “Privacy” to honor Yoko Ono “Cut Piece” in 1964. In this, Ai-Da was a performance artist and audience were invited to cover her robotic body with pieces of clothing.

Sources: Ai-Da Robot YouTube

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