School Guard Goes Viral for Going Beyond the Call of Duty to Fix a Student’s Skirt

School guards are among the most valuable community workers, especially because we entrust our children’s safety to them the entire day that they are in school.

In Silliman University Elementary School located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, a school guard went viral after she went beyond the call of duty to fix a student’s skirt.

As we all know, kids can easily get distressed when their clothes, especially their school uniforms, have missing buttons. This is especially distressing to young girls whose skirts might fall off their waists because the hook or button got broken or had gone missing.

Thankfully, there are angels like this school guard who has a sewing kit in hand for such emergencies.

Ma’am Rima Diogenes Erames shared the photo of the school guard, Freda Ramos, as she intently fixed a young student’s skirt. She captioned the post, “Ordinary people doing extraordinary work. Nakaka bilib ka Ate Guard…

Photo credit: Rima Diogenes Erames

The post was soon picked up and reposted by local Facebook page Dumaguete.Net

This simple gesture of the lady guard gets netizens approval. Meet lady guard Freda Ramos, the well-loved lady guard, who has been serving Silliman University Elementary School for almost 20 years now. May your tribe increase. Photo courtesy of Rima Erames.

At Silliman University Elementary School, parents are not allowed beyond the gate; this is to teach children independence as well as to keep them safe inside the school. Because of this, guards have to be extra vigilant to keep the kids safe and to ensure they just don’t go out of the school grounds in cases like this when their uniforms need to be fixed.

Kudos to you, Ate Freda for going beyond the call of duty and becoming the students’ additional parent while they are in school!

Sources: Rima Diogenes Erames / FacebookDumaguete.Net / Facebook

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