Instead of Buying 40HKD Poncho at Ocean Park Hong Kong, This Clever Pinay Wore a Plastic Bag

Have you ever noticed how items sold at tourist attractions are priced much more than if you bought them at the market or grocery store? Well, that’s the way the entrepreneurs at these attractions earn money because many tourists just have to buy the items.

For instance, you might find snorkels for hire at the beach or swimsuits for rent at resorts with swimming pools.

If you are clever, you will bring those items for the trip – or if you are like Angelie Janelle Orleans, you would improvise so you wouldn’t have to pay a lot of money for something you will only use once.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jerwyn Buenaventura

While on a trip with her friends at Ocean Park Hong Kong, Angelie realized that her clothes will be wet as they take the queue for The Rapids ride. Those planning to take the ride are advised to bring a raincoat or poncho; the poncho is available for 40HKD (US$5.10 / PHP270.85).

Instead of buying the poncho that she will only get to use for a few minutes at the ride, anyway, Angelie decided to use a plastic bag from SM Hypermarket as her ‘blouse’. LOL.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jerwyn Buenaventura

The neon green plastic bag clashed with her red tracksuit but Angelie gamely posed with her unique OOTD, the photos of which were posted on Facebook by her friend, Jerwyn Buenaventura.

The post has since gone viral, with many people praising the wise young lady for not spending money on the expensive poncho when she could just make an outfit from a plastic bag.

Netizens were quite amused by the get-up; though some wondered whether the outfit actually made it past the rapids. Well, Jerwyn later shared that the plastic bag ‘blouse’ actually survived the ride!

Photo credit: Ocean Park Hong Kong

While the OOTD was something you certainly wouldn’t expect a tourist to use at Ocean Park Hong Kong, isn’t it cool that this young lady actually managed to pull it off and still managed to look beautiful?

Source: Facebook / Jerwyn Buenaventura 

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