Woman’s Budgeting Trick Goes Viral for Being Simple Yet Effective!

Are you struggling with how you budget your money? Then, perhaps this simple yet effective trick can help you solve your budgeting woes or push you to start budgeting soon – after all, the time for new year’s resolutions is about to start again…

One woman shares how she and her husband are able to meet their needs and even have enough savings from the salaries that they are earning – and the method is actually quite easy although it does involve a lot of self-control in terms of living within your means and actually prioritizing saving.

According to Jasmine whose clever budgeting tips were shared on Facebook page, Peso Sense, she and her husband allocate money for their needs and place these in organizer pockets labeled Rent, Utilities, Groceries, and Allowance.

Photo credit: Peso Sense / Facebook / Jasmine

But before splitting the money, they already set aside 20% of their salaries in a passbook savings account, while another passbook is allocated for completing the 12-month money challenge. A third passbook is used to save whatever is left from the money they save from their cash from the organizer pack.

Jasmine said they put Php2,000 each in the pocket for groceries every payday while the Utilities pocket receives Php1,000. They also put enough money to pay their rent. Any excess from the Groceries pocket goes to Allowance which they use to go out on a date or treat themselves to something. Whatever is left by next payday goes to the savings passbook.

It really is as simple as that – although things would have surely been different if the couple had other things to pay for and especially if they have kids as the Php2,000 grocery each payday surely wouldn’t suffice. Still, it is great that they have a method to saving and spending their money – and if they do get additional expenses when the babies come, they would surely know how to split their budget to accommodate these changes.

Plus, they do have savings to cushion their budget for unexpected expenses!

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  1. One trick I also use in saving my money daily is to list down my expenses every time I spend so that I’d be aware of my daily expenses and at the end of the day, I was able to save money. Hehe! Through that, I was able to save money to buy a new laptop, cooling pad and a mouse and yet I’m still a student who relies on her school allowance and other things to do just to earn money. 🙂

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

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