Wise Young Lady Sells Ex-Boyfriend’s Gifts at Bargain Prices in ‘Move On Sale’ So She Can Forget Him

In most relationships, gifts are exchanged and cherished forever – until something happens that calls for either or both parties to dispose of these mementos.

For instance, there’s this young lady who recently broke up with her boyfriend but she would soon go viral on social media after doing something that amused many netizens: she sold her ex-boyfriend’s gifts at bargain prices in a ‘Move On Sale’ so she can forget about him!

Netizen Jennifer So shared on her Facebook account some photos of the stuff she’s selling, including a huge teddy bear and several pairs of shoes. Because the teddy was looking rather forlorn as it sat on a grey sofa, some netizens thought the couch might have also been a gift from her ex-boyfriend!

Photo credit: Viral4Real

Now, it seems that So does not care how much she earns on this rather unique mini-garage sale because the items are being sold starting at Php500 ($10). You’ll find bargain deals on her post.

Photo credit: Viral4Real

But while you might be truly excited and happy with the low prices of these slightly used items, she still has the last laugh. After all, not only is she going to ‘move on’, hopefully, from her ex-boyfriend but she is also able to cash in on whatever was left in their broken relationship.

Photo credit: Viral4Real

Others think this was just another gimmick for attention but So appears to be serious, telling her friends to make an offer on the items she’s selling at bargain prices. Indeed, her pockets are going to be full real soon – at least that would make her happy while her heart feels empty…

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