This Luggage Salesman Amuses Netizens with Unique Sales Technique

A salesman recently went viral for his unique sales technique that amused not just the people he was trying to sell the luggage to, but also netizens who believe he deserves more than just a round of applause for a job well done.

The still unnamed salesman at SM City Lipa is said to be a student in Lipa, Batangas who works at the mall to fund his studies.

Photo credit: Nala Zamora / Facebook

What made his sales pitch awesome is that he used theatrics and flare to attract the customers’ attention while also showing off the merits and advantages of the products he was selling.

This guy is a luggage salesman – and he certainly knows his craft. It also helps that the luggage he was trying to sell appears to be quite as durable and flexible as he promised.

Photo credit: Nala Zamora / Facebook

It’s not just affordable, it’s also durable, even without the warranty, it’s still high quality… You can see it in the wheels, this is a great deal because the wheels are big,” he pitched in one of the videos that had gotten viral.

With much flare, he waved the bag around, showing how flexible it was – then suddenly jumped and made a split while slamming the bag on the floor! Whoa.

Other sales people would have fainted at how this guy handles the items he is selling but he is merely doing this to show others the merit of buying his products. After all, while we care for our luggage, the same couldn’t be said for the people working in airports, many of who have been caught on video as they tossed bags around.

Photo credit: Nala Zamora / Facebook

Perhaps this bag is truly the answer to these problems about luggage, yes?

His rather unique sales technique has earned him plus points on the internet where he has gotten viral. We sure hope this would be his big break – and we hope he sells many of these bags!

Good job!

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