‘Social Climber’ Passenger Fights with Grab Driver, Blames Auto-Correct in Grammar Mistake

We’ve all heard a lot of bad stories about Grab drivers but recently, it was a bad Grab passenger who went viral for being a conceited ‘social climber’.

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This unnamed female passenger booked the ride at Apolonio Samson Elementary School in Balintawak, Quezon City. What angered the driver, however, is that the inconsiderate woman didn’t tell him the street was narrow and would only fit one vehicle. His car was scratched as he tried to navigate the narrow street.

Photo credit: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

He was in a rather bad mood, something the female passenger noticed.

The guy might have let this matter pass but the woman sent him a flirty message, telling him to smile next time he has a passenger.

Sayang (ang) dimples,” she added.

Photo credit: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

Explaining while he wasn’t in the mood to smile, the driver told the passenger that the next time she books a Grab ride, she should be considerate and walk to the wider street because her fare isn’t enough to pay getting the scratches on his car fixed.

Photo credit: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

The passenger got angry, telling the driver he shouldn’t complain.

Customer ako! Driver ka lang! So dapat gawin mo maayos trabaho mo!” she replied. Then, she slammed him for complaining, saying he’s not even driving a sports car but just a Toyota Vios, a ‘pang-taxi’.

Sa totoo lang kayang kaya ko bumili nyan kaso ayaw ko lang kasi cheap!!!! Ewwww!” the woman added.

Photo credit: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

The driver reminded the woman that he picked her up from a squatters’ area; he added that he wasn’t really surprised that she also had a bad ‘squatter’ attitude.

With her ego hurt, the woman bragged that she’s rich and living in a condo unit at Zinnia Towers but because they had a power outage, she just went to a friend’s house to take a bath and iron her clothes.

Masyado kang mayabang! Nga pala, I’m not leaving [sic] there. Nakiligo lang ako sa friend ko at naki-plantsa. I leave [sic] at prestigious condo – alam mo ba yung Zinnia Tower, taga dun lang naman ako!

She told him she’s a professional with a high-paying job while he’s just an uneducated driver.

Photo credit: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

But this driver was no ordinary driver like she thought. He told her he also lives in a condo and they never had brownouts because condos have generators.

When the driver pointed out the grammar mistake on her message, the woman laughed and told the driver her iPhone made the auto-correct.

Photo credit: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

iPhone kasi to. Ikaw kasi naka de keypad lang, hindi makabili nito kasi driver ka lang!!!” she angrily replied. She also threatened to get him terminated from Grab and posting the incident on social media – and netizens are actually waiting for her post to discover her identity! LOL.

Source: Grab PH Horror Stories / Facebook

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