Proud Son Posts Photos of Dad’s Handwritten Engineering Thesis from the 1980s

These days, we take computers for granted. While things like making a thesis and various documents are difficult in that you have to complete a lot of things, such are still easier – if you consider how students in the past had to make theirs by hand, literally!

Randel Tablada posted on Twitter some photos of his dad’s handwritten engineering thesis from the 1980s. It amazed a lot of netizens that this was a handwritten piece, especially after checking the Table of Contents which showed that this paper had at least 170 pages!

Photo credit: @randeltablada / Twitter

Can you imagine writing a very important document by hand? Such is very uncommon to do these days but during the student days of Engr. Almar Tablada, Randel’s father, it was their only choice.

Then a BS Mechanical Engineering student, Randel’s father began writing his thesis by hand at the start of the semester. He spent his weeknights writing, working on thesis from 10 PM to 2 AM.

Photo credit: @randeltablada / Twitter

It was a slow, tedious work because he had to make sure that he wouldn’t make any mistake. Any alteration or mistake could mean doing the entire page all over again.

Now working at the Bureau of Equipment of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Naguilian, Isabela, the 57-year-old engineer was pleasantly surprised after learning his son’s post had gone viral and his handwritten thesis had become an internet hit.

Photo credit: @randeltablada / Twitter

Engr. Almar revealed that this thesis was just one of two handwritten books he made for the course. The one Randel posted was about a coal fired thermal power plant but according to Engr. Almar, he also made one about a combined diesel electric power plant and hydro electric power plant.

He told When in Manila that making those books was challenging because not only were both handwritten, he had not been to real power plants and had to use his imagination and engineering skills to create the power plants in his theses.

Photo credit: @randeltablada / Twitter

It was only when he was already working that he was able to visit a real power plant – and felt proud that the design he made actually looked like the real thing!

Now that his thesis became a social media hit, Engr. Almar said he felt proud and overwhelmed with gratitude especially because he treasures these books, keeping them still looking like new after all those years.

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