Photo of Smiling Girl Despite Muddy Uniform Goes Viral, Prompts Government to Fix Road

Her feet and legs were covered in mud, her uniform was likewise dirty but despite the difficult, dirty situation she was in, a school girl from Maragusan, Compostela Valley in Davao still managed to smile – and the charming photo would quickly go viral on Facebook.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nel Tatskieboy Paulines

Nel Tatskieboy Paulines, the little girl’s dad, shared photos of the road that was covered in sticky, nearly liquid mud! Netizens couldn’t imagine themselves still smiling after passing through that kind of road and being covered in icky mud; thus, many were impressed that this girl still managed to smile despite the situation.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nel Tatskieboy Paulines

According to Paulines, they have to cope with the muddy roads for progress, alluding to the road widening project that led to the road being this muddy because the contractors dug up the soil.

Sadly, the heavy rains made the soil slushy but the residents had no other choice but to pass through this road because there really was no other way to reach their homes.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nel Tatskieboy Paulines

This dad took pity on his kid who was wearing clean uniforms when they left their home – yet the girl remained calm in this situation, smiling as if she doesn’t care at all that her uniform was soiled!

She’s definitely put a whole new meaning to “Keep calm and keep smiling!” What an adorable little girl.

Photo credit: Facebook / Nel Tatskieboy Paulines

Netizens praised this young girl, saying she has a bright future ahead because she has a cheerful, positive disposition and doesn’t mind facing challenges just so she can go to school.

After the photo went viral, the local government took action and fixed the road. Yehey! Thanks to this charming school girl’s smile, the road was fixed quickly!

Photo credit: Facebook / Nel Tatskieboy Paulines

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Source: Nel Tatskieboy Paulines / Facebook

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