Party Girl’s Tweet after Getting UP Diploma Goes Viral

It’s graduation season at the University of the Philippines (UP) and many students had gotten viral recently, over various reasons.

But one girl who graduated from UP Cebu last June 27 went viral for something that a lot of UP students might not feel proud of, because of the negative connotations.

Photo credit: Twitter / @sanicadurima

A native of Ormoc City, Danica Jane Surima took up her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at UP Cebu. This young lady shot to fame after posting photos of herself while partying hard with her friends.

Photo credit: Twitter / @sanicadurima

What made the post popular among netizens is that it showed the lighter side of someone expected to be studying hard, rather than partying. After all, UP has the reputation of being a tough school where students have to study hard in order to pass their courses.

It’s hard enough to pass the entrance exams (UPCAT) to the school; but many say it is harder to pass the subjects and complete the course. So, partying isn’t exactly something that someone in UP might want to do, a lot.

Photo credit: Twitter / @sanicadurima

Still, Surima implied with her tweet that she was able to party hard with friends yet was still able to pass all the subjects. She was among the graduates last June 27.

She readily admits to being a party girl but is proud that despite the negative connotation brought by the ‘party girl’ title, she was able to graduate from UP.

Photo credit: Twitter / @sanicadurima

Her tweet quickly went viral, with many people expressing amazement that she was able to enjoy partying while studying. There were those who weren’t happy with the post, though, saying that this is the kind of post that promotes partying rather the studying – and that is surely bad influence to today’s youth.

Do you agree?

Source: Twitter / @sanicadurima, Cebu Daily News

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