Pakistani Driver in Dubai Speaks Fluent Filipino, Knows Pinoy Tongue Twisters and Popular Expressions

Screenshot from video by Dubai OFW / Kieth Walter Ayuso

A Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai has recently gone viral after a video of him speaking fluent Filipino was shared on social media by Pinoy blogger Kieth Walter Ayuso.

Ayuso was shocked when the driver began speaking Filipino to him after he failed the latter’s taxi in Dubai. He learned that the driver’s name is Hussain and that he is pure Pakistani – that means he doesn’t have an ounce of Pinoy blood in him yet he speaks Filipino like one!

Hussain even knows several Pinoy expressions and tongue twisters, stuff he learned from Pinoy passengers he has conversed with in the 10 years that he’s been driving in Dubai.

Screenshot from video by Dubai OFW / Kieth Walter Ayuso

According to Dubai OFW, here are some of the Pinoy tongue twisters that Hussain has mastered:

– Pitumput-pitong puting tupa

– Nakakapagpabagabag

– Pinitik-pitik ni Pakita ang pitaka ni Pakito.

– Minimikaniko ni Monico ang makina ng Minica ni Monica.

Aside from these memorized stuff, it seems that Hussain truly knows a lot about the Filipino culture. For example, he knows about a lot of places in the country as well as stereotypes regarding people from certain provinces.

He also joked about not having a girlfriend, especially a Filipina woman, because she’s high-maintenance – mostly because she ‘takes a bath 10 times a day’, something that is an exaggeration, of course, but truly expensive considering the price of water in the Middle East.

Watch this video and be prepared to laugh and be amazed by this Filipino-speaking Pakistani driver: