OPPO Sales Promodizer Goes Viral for Handsome Looks, Sparks Jokes from Amused Netizens

It seems that netizens are fond of checking out photos of handsome guys and beautiful ladies, making them go viral on social media for no other reason than their looks.

Facebook page Pinoy Bae posted photos of a guy who was identified as a sales promodizer for gadget brand, OPPO Electronics.

The hunk was identified as Vienn Michael Manalang who works for an OPPO outlet in SM Center Valenzuela in Valenzuela, Metro Manila. Female netizens were gushing over Vienn on social media, saying they would surely switch phone brands if all promodizers and sales agents were as handsome as him.

Photo credit: Pinoy Bae / Facebook

And Vienn definitely loves the attention he’s getting from these ladies. In fact, he uses the handle ‘HeartBrix’ and is fond of posting selfies, including a near-topless one showing his toned torso. He even had a selfie to show his 6-pack while inside the mall’s comfort room, still wearing his OPPO uniform.

While many ladies expressed their desire to meet him or just commented how much they admired him, others made jokes and said they will really say ‘OPPO’ (an allusion to ‘opo’ which means ‘yes’ in Filipino) if he were to sell them a phone.

Photo credit: Pinoy Bae / Facebook

Some ladies also joked that they wanted other phone brands but after seeing this guy, they are switching to OPPO. Hmmm. What if the sales associate at other brands were more handsome than this guy, eh?

Let’s wait and see if other phone brands could top OPPO’s handsome promodizer on social media…

Photo credit: Pinoy Bae / Facebook

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