Only in the Philippines? Pinay Bride Rides a Carabao-Drawn Carriage to Wedding

Screenshot from video by Radio Tee / Facebook

In the rural provinces of the Philippines, carabaos are a common sight. You see them plowing in the fields or pulling sleds carrying farm products to the market. But one viral video shared by Tee Radio shows that carabaos are not just beasts of labor in the farm but can also become part of an elegant celebration such as weddings!

As you can see in this video, the beautiful bride takes a ride on a carabao-drawn carriage as she goes to her wedding. It was surely a unique ‘bridal car’ – and it looks great!

Decked with flowers and various decorations, the carriage looks perfect for a wedding in the province. The bride can be seen laughing and smiling as she rode that carriage. It was simple but it was also unique.

Screenshot from video by Radio Tee / Facebook

How many brides out there could brag about taking a ride to her wedding in a carriage drawn by a carabao, eh? We’ve heard of horse-drawn carriages before but this one definitely takes the cake.

The video of this unique wedding was shared on social media where it garnered over 4 million views. Thousands of netizens also commented, expressing their amazement over this special bridal car.

There were some who commented that the carriage looks ‘cheap’ and the bride won’t look pretty at her wedding because her ride won’t shelter her from the sun but many also informed these netizens that most weddings in rural areas actually happen early in the morning – and it is highly likely that this was the case with this viral video.

Check out this bride’s unique carriage and tell us what you think: