OFW Mom Gets Awesome ‘Graduation Gift’ after Sending All Her Kids to School

Knowing the value of education, most parents send their children to school even if many of them could hardly afford to pay for the tuition fees or buy school supplies. While public schools are supposedly free, parents still need to buy uniforms, supplies the kids need in school, and also snacks as well as other things required by the teachers.

A lot of Filipinos decide to go abroad, in search of a better life for their families. Many parents knew that though they have to endure being far away from their families, the higher pay they receive abroad can give their children a better education, a better life in the future.

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

Hans Alcanzare was among those children left by an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) parent. He was still 6 years old when his mother went to Hong Kong so he and his six siblings could go to school.

At this very young age, Hans could not help but feel puzzled why his mother had to go away but as the years passed, he gradually understood her decision.

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

Thankfully, he and his siblings made sure their mother’s sacrifice will not be in vain. They all made sure to study hard and complete their studies, so they can have that better future their mother had dreamed for them and worked hard in Hong Kong for.

In her 20 years working away from her family and toiling in a foreign country, the hardworking OFW mom was able to send all her children to school. She now has a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a civil engineer, a certified public accountant, a pharmacist and midwife, a registered master plumber, and an information technologist.

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

Acknowledging their mother’s sacrifice and hard work to send them all to school, the kids decided to surprise her with an awesome ‘graduation gift’! This time, they are making her ‘graduate’ from sending them to school. Instead of working so she can send them to school, this OFW mother got to enjoy a trip to several countries, courtesy of her kids!

The grand vacation included trips to Dubai, Singapore, and Japan!

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

It’s your graduation, Mom! It’s time to go home,” an excited Hans posted as he fetched his mother from the airport.

Their mom went to another country to give them a better life; it’s nice to see that her hard work has paid off and her kids are bringing her to more countries, but this time just for fun! Wow.

Source: The Summit Express

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