Networker Angers Netizens with Boastful Sales Pitch Insulting His Prospect, But He Actually Enjoys His Newfound Fame!

Everyone knows that those who are into networking would do everything they can to get you to join their network – and there’s an ongoing joke that if a friend/acquaintance suddenly invites you to coffee, he/she is probably going to talk about networking!

Now, most of those who actually invited me to a networking group were quite polite about it – and surely everyone else does the similar thing but there’s this guy who has recently gone viral for the boastful sales pitch he did that belittled his prospect, in hopes that a little reverse psychology might convince the other guy.

Ma. Kristina Metran Catudio shares the conversation between networker Echo Gonowon and her brother, angry that the networker insulted her brother – but after the post went viral, it seems that the guy actually loved the attention!

On Catudio’s post, she shared a screenshot of Gonowon’s post, bragging about earning Php32k a day and telling people to send him a private message (PM).

Photo credit: Ma Kristina Metran Catudio / Facebook

Then, she shared the convo between Gonowon and her brother as the networker. It was soon clear in the conversation that Catudio’s brother wasn’t interested in networking despite admittedly only having a small salary. This angered the networker who began to brag about his Php1.5-million house, two cars, and Php32k daily earnings.

Check out their conversation below:

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