Netizens Impressed by this Taxi Driver’s Sweet Gesture to Passengers

If you had a choice, which would you ride – a Grab car or a regular taxi? It’s not really surprising that most people these days will tell you they prefer to ride a Grab car instead of a regular taxi, what with all the bad experiences passengers shared in the past about drivers forcing them to pay several times the regular fare’s worth, just because the destination will pass through EDSA or some other traffic-congested road.

It’s really difficult to change netizens’ mind set regarding taxi drivers but one driver is doing his best to make people trust taxis again, in hopes that drivers like him who couldn’t afford to move to Grab still have a chance to get passengers in the future.

Photo credit: Criss Subang / Facebook

Greg Laude rents an old taxi unit, something that is not accepted by Grab. Thus, he and many drivers like him can’t move to Grab, even if they wanted to.

To make people like taxis again, Laude is not just honest with his transactions with passengers but also gives them a rose! Isn’t that sweet?

Photo credit: Criss Subang / Facebook

Each day, Laude buys around 30 to 50 roses which he gives out to his passengers.

One of these passengers shared his story on social media – and this quickly went viral!

Criss Subang wrote:

Photo credit: Criss Subang / Facebook

I was in the middle of booking grab when I noticed that there were only 5 or 6 people in the cab lane; yet no one took the taxi in line. I asked one of them if they were waiting for someone ahead of them in queue but they all said no. Apparently they were all waiting for their Grabcars to arrive.

I then decided to skip grab, avoid the waiting time and take the conventional way – I immediately went in the taxi. I saw a lot of rose petals scattered on the floor and as I was about to ask Sir Driver, he quietly handed me a rose. I didn’t get to ask anymore. I smiled and said thank you.

Impressed over what the driver was doing, she asked why he gives his passengers roses.

Photo credit: Criss Subang / Facebook

I want people to know that riding taxi is still safe. More so, I want to share happiness. The money I spent buying those roses does not compare to the joy I give and receive. Seeing people happy is important. It makes me happy, too,” he replied.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all drivers were like him?

Source: Criss Subang / Facebook

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