Netizen Discovers Surprising Content in ‘Power Saver’ She Bought for Php6.5k, Warns Others Against Buying the Device

With electricity bills remaining so costly these days, a lot of us try to look for ways to lessen the cost – even if that means buying more expensive appliances that are supposed to be more energy-efficient.

Power companies also advice consumers to turn off unused lights, unplug unused appliances, and try to really find ways to conserve energy at home.

Banking on the consumers’ wish to lessen their energy bills, there are unscrupulous groups who try to sell them ‘power savers’. These devices are supposed to help the household lower its electricity bills – and consumers are often convinced to buy the device because supposed ‘tests’ show that the meter moves slower when the power saver is connected.

Photos by Sherly Ollide / Facebook

Not only that, the owners are also assured they really have nothing to worry about because the power saver works on its own without requiring complicated procedures because the sellers will connect it to the household’s electrical line for free. Then, it is supposed to work 24/7 to help the house save energy.

Also, those who are selling the device will offer you an offer that’s hard to refuse! While the device is a bit expensive at Php6,500, they will accept installment payment for it.

Netizen Sherly Ollide narrated that such was the reason why she was hooked. When the sellers came to her house, they told her she has to pay half of the price as initial payment. She only had Php1,500 yet they told her they would accept that as down payment and proceeded to connect the device even if her payment wasn’t complete; they would just come back the following week to collect the next payment.

But after the group was gone, she had this sinking feeling that something was wrong; thus, she observed the device and was not content with what she saw. So, she removed it from the wall.

Despite a warning stated at the back that the device should not be opened, she remove the labels and opened it – and was shocked to discover wood shavings held together by glue inside that small box!

Photos by Sherly Ollide / Facebook

There’s a tiny capacitor buried beneath the wood shavings but that was it – that was the Php6.5k-worth power device!

It was a good thing she wasn’t able to pay the full amount but she now warns others against buying ‘power saving devices’ because the one she bought was not just fake, it was also a very dangerous fire hazard!