Kid Left Alone Inside Car at 4AM While Parents Party at Metrowalk, Video Angers Netizens

Have you ever stayed inside a vehicle whose engines have been turned off, with windows and doors closed? Even at night, the air inside the vehicle quickly becomes hot as the aircon was turned off. Within minutes, you’d surely be sweating profusely – and the air inside could get dangerously low on oxygen as time passes by.

Now, imagine a kid left in that kind of condition; really dangerous and traumatic for the kid, right?

Photo credit: Jasper Pascual / Facebook

Well, that’s just what happened to one kid who was found by himself inside a Toyota Fortuner outside Metrowalk at 4AM last Saturday.

After a night of partying with friends, Jasper Pascual was on his way home when he heard the sound of a crying child inside the Toyota Fortuner parked beside his car. At first, he wasn’t sure if the kid was alone since the vehicle was heavily tinted but when he moved to open the door in his car, the kid cried harder and hit the windows in an apparent attempt to seek help from him.

He’s a stranger to this kid but seeing the child asking for his help was a sure sign that the boy was already getting desperate. Who knew how long he had been crying there? It was 4AM, after all! How many hours had he been left alone? Poor kid.

Photo credit: Jasper Pascual / Facebook

Alarmed, Jasper quickly called the guard to seek the boy’s parents. It was a 5 minutes later when the child’s mother was found. According to Jasper, the mother went to the parking lot but got angry at the guard for calling her! The guard stood his ground, however, telling her that they could call the police on her for leaving her kid in the car.

It was obvious that the mother had been partying, Jasper observed, since he had also come from Metrowalk and had a few drinks himself. They waited 10 more minutes for the boy’s father to arrive at the scene.

Although he had taken a video of the kid trapped inside the dark, hot car, he didn’t take a video of the parents since he didn’t want the matter to escalate into a fight as they had all been drinking. Still, he had some photos of the parents but chose not to share these on social media.

Angry at the situation but glad that the kid was alright, Jasper warned parents to never leave their children inside the car – especially if they are just out having fun with friends. The worse could have happened to the kid if Jasper had not found in on time! Whew.

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