High School Lovers Bashed for Early Relationship, Share College Graduation Photos to Silence Haters

Have you noticed how easy it is for us to judge others, even if we don’t really know their full story or their plans in life?

That’s exactly what happened to a couple who fell in love while they were in high school, Bradd Alec Salcedo and Diane Victorino. While they enjoyed each other’s company and became each other’s inspiration, they also became the talk of the town – with people slamming them for getting “too early” in a relationship.

More often than not, they received hurtful comments and negative predictions – that they would not be able to finish high school because she will just get pregnant. Instead of letting those bashers get them down, the two used their hateful words to prove them wrong!

Photo credit: Diane Victorino / Facebook

Nung high school pa kami wala kaming ibang narinig sa mga tao kundi pang huhusga na
“Hanggang jan nalang yan”
“Hindi makakapag tapos yan”
“Mabubuntis agad yan”
“Hindi makaka graduate ng high school yan”
“Hindi makaka abot ng college yan”

at kung ano anu pa…. 😂😂

Hi, kami nga po pala yung mga batang maagang nahusgahan pero pinatunayan ang sarili na mali lahat ng inaakala. Maraming salamat po at dahil sainyo mas lalo kaming nag sikap na patunayan ang sarili sa inyo. At maraming salamat sa magulang namin na walang sawang pag gabay at pag suporta samen mahal na mahal po namin kayo para po sainyo to.

Kung nakaya namin kaya nyo rin basta’t mag sikap at gawing insperasyon ang mga taong umapak at nang husga sainyo. 😇🙏🏻


#ThankyouGod 🙏🏻😇
#GoalDiggers 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍✈️👩🏻‍💼
#HighschooltoCollege 💕

They worked hard to finish their studies while finding time to spend fun moments with each other. While they remained so in love, they did not also let that hinder their studies but used it as inspiration to work harder in school.

This year, both of them are graduating from college! Isn’t that awesome?

A triumphant Diane wrote a message on Facebook, aimed at their haters to silence the talks once and for all – and it quickly went viral and now serves as an inspiration to many students to prioritize their studies without exactly saying “no” and “never” to love!

What do you think of their story?