Hardworking Student Sells Mineral Water to Send Self to School, Receives Special Recognition for Diligence

Coming from a poor family, Jay Sumanting Teberio of Cebu City, central Philippines could have stopped believing in his dreams of completing a college education because his parents did not have money to send him to school but he did the opposite!

Instead of pitying himself, he worked hard to send himself to college by selling mineral water near SM City Cebu. To attract customers, he uses extravagantly bright hats and costumes – and that certainly paid off!

Photos by I AM A CEBUANO / Facebook

Teberio was able to finally graduate from college after years of hard work. He did take longer years in college than most students because of financial constraints yet he did not let those challenges bring him down.

For his extraordinary diligence, Teberio was also given special recognition by the Cebu City Government, garnering the Mayor’s Special Award!

Facebook page I AM A CEBUANO proudly shared his story on social media, with the admin writing that he/she would surely be proud of having Teberio teach his/her kids once he becomes a licensed teacher – and we hope that would surely come soon!

The success story of Jay Sumanting Teberio is worthy of praise. He managed to earn a college degree by peddling bottles of drinking water near SM City Cebu. He reminds us to always smile and share joy to others no matter how backbreaking our plight may be; his fortitude is worth-emulating.

He might have spent longer years in school than we have had, but at least he is a progressing being… at least he is a growing individual. As a song goes, “Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side… IT’S THE CLIMB!”

And the best part of it – HE IS A PRODUCT OF THE WORLD, not just of school. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, JAY! I, for my part, would love to have my child under your care once you become a licensed teacher.

Congratulations, Jay Sumanting Teberio! You surely make us all proud and inspired…