Hardworking Grandma Still Working at Jollibee Hong Kong Earns Praise from Netizens

While it is true that the retirement age is at 65, a lot of senior citizens feel bad that they no longer have anything to do after they retire from the jobs, especially because they had been working for decades.

Still, most don’t have a choice but to retire and do nothing if they are in the Philippines because job opportunities for senior citizens are rarely available; in fact, a lot of younger folks are also finding it difficult to find a job because many job postings are only fit for young people, with age limits pegged at as young as 30 to 35 years old!

In Hong Kong, an old grandma earns praise from netizens for still working at a Jollibee outlet despite her age. This simply goes to show that the store does not discriminate on workers, no matter what age they might be.

Photo credit: Cassey Angela Guilermo-garganta Idica-marcelino / Facebook

As you can see, her uniform signifies she’s just a member of the service crew, not the manager, yet she serves her customers well and doesn’t even accept tips, as shared by some people who commented on the Facebook post shared by Cassey Angela Guilermo-garganta Idica-marcelino.

While she admires the old lady for her dedication to the job, the uploader also lamented working conditions in the Philippines wherein many workers can’t even work straight for several months because of contractualization; their contracts end after 6 months and they have to go through the process of applying and waiting for another job.

Photo credit: Cassey Angela Guilermo-garganta Idica-marcelino / Facebook

Ganito sa HONGKONG hangat kaya mo ng magtrabaho puede ka pa. Hinde important ang tinapos mo basta may skills at masipag ka at maintindihan mo trabaho mo. Dito sa Pilipinas hangan ilang months ka lng puede sa mga company kaya?” she asked – and she’s right.

While this old lady works at a Jollibee store in Hong Kong, you are most likely not going to see a senior citizen working as service crew in the company’s stores in the Philippines!

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Source: Cassey Angela Guilermo-garganta Idica-marcelino / Facebook

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