Guy’s Brilliant Idea Saves Him Close to Php55k Even with a Small Salary

There are many people who think that only those with high salaries can save money because they are the ones who have the extra cash, right? Wrong!

While high-salaried people do have the potential to save more money, many actually don’t have savings because it is known fact that with higher salaries come higher wants and needs. Meanwhile, those who have low salaries could adapt and live within their means.

Of course, the rule is not absolute and your savings often depends on your attitude towards money, whether you earn a lot or just a few. This was proven by netizen Miguel Aquino who was able to save a lot of money even with a small salary.

Photo credit: Facebook / Miguel Aquino Full

Aquino did not mention just how ‘small’ his salary was but we’re taking his word for it. According to him, just like many people, he loves eating out at restaurants, enjoying fancy food and coffee, and indulging in bottled drinks at convenience stores.

But things change when he began to save money – and it all started one day when he had a lot of loose change in his pocket. He emptied his pockets and placed the coins inside an empty bottle. Every day since then, he would empty his pockets of the day’s spare change and put them inside the bottle.

Photo credit: Facebook / Miguel Aquino Full

Soon enough, he was able to fill that bottle and start on a new one, something that truly encouraged him to save! Feeling overjoyed over the progress he’s making, he began to add paper bills into his stash.

His attitude towards spending also changed. Instead of spending Php185 on a Starbucks drink, he buys 3-in-1 coffee for Php10 and puts the rest of his budget for Starbucks inside his savings bottle.

The same thing goes for other expenses. Instead of choosing expensive food at restaurants, he picks budget meals or prepares his own food and puts the difference in his bottles.

Photo credit: Facebook / Miguel Aquino Full

After months of living frugally, he realized that he’s filled plenty of bottles with money! He transferred them in a bag and counted a whopping total of Php54,653! It’s hard to believe that saving such a huge amount of money didn’t feel so difficult for him to do.

Photo credit: Facebook / Miguel Aquino Full

Were you inspired by his savings trick? I think I should be putting my spare change in a bottle tonight. Hmmmmmm…