Girl’s Bite Mark on Boyfriend’s Arm Sparks Debate on How Guys Can Deal with Girlfriends Like Her

How do you express love and affection to your significant other? Well, there are many ways to do that but what if your girlfriend likes to pinch or bite you? What would you do?

There’s this viral photo of an unnamed girl’s bite mark on her boyfriend’s arm – and the mark was so deep that you can actually trace each and every tooth on that mark! She must have been feeling ‘gigil’ so much that the bite cut so deeply into her boyfriend’s flesh to leave such a deep mark. Poor guy. We could not imagine how that bite must have felt like…

Photo credit: Pepeng Pinakamalupet / Facebook

Seriously, though, what would you do if your girlfriend shows affection in this manner? Would you allow her to do it again or should you break up with her? Oooops. But while the latter seems too harsh, some netizens think that is the right thing to do because she’s a ‘psycho’ as a girlfriend, how much crazier would she get if they got married? LOL.

Still, that’s too much to do for just a bite mark, right?

Some netizens think the best thing to do is to bring the girl to the dentist and have all her teeth removed so she wouldn’t do this again. LOL. Crazy idea, I know but it might likely work – but it might achieve a different effect: she’ll be the one to break up with you instead!

So, what’s your take in this? What should you do if your girlfriend enjoys biting you in this manner? Ouch!