Feeling ‘Scammed’ after He was Charged Php5 for Iced Tea, Customer Throws Coupon at Chowking Cashier

A customer who went to Chowking Madrigal Alabang felt he was ‘scammed’ by the store after he was asked to pay an additional Php5 to his order because the branch had ran out of soda and he had to order iced tea.

According to his post on social media, A. Mallari had gone to the branch to redeem a coupon which entitled him to 1 chicken meal with a small halo halo and regular drinks (soda) for just Php137. But he was told that the store had no more soda and he had to choose between pineapple juice and iced tea.

Photo credit: In Dreams

After choosing iced tea, he was surprised to learn that he had to pay an additional Php5 to his order because of the drink. Mallari felt that the store should have given him the iced tea for free (or at the same price as the soda on the coupon) since it wasn’t his fault that there’s no soda available.

When the cashier explained that the coupon’s bundle only came with soda, not iced tea, Mallari got so mad that he told the cashier she was a worthless crew before throwing her the coupon.

Incensed by the incident, Mallari posted about it on social media with hashtags #bitchmode, #chowkingisascam, and #lols.

Photo credit: Facebook / Arianna Cassandra Yu Tablada

But while Mallari thought this would gain him sympathy (and perhaps some laughs) from his friends, the opposite happened and he would soon go viral for being ‘the guy who threw a tantrum over Php5’.

While it is true that the store and the cashier did have some lapses in the incident, most of the social media users who commented on Mallari’s experience believed that the cashier did not deserve the cruel treatment and the incident reflected his ill manners.

Instead of shaming the cashier, he ended up shaming himself big time on social media!

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