“Feel-at-Home” Woman Wears Pajamas and a Towel While Buying at McDonald’s

One woman has taken the “feel at home” saying to a different level; she was photographed buying takeout food at a McDonald’s outlet while wearing just pajamas and a towel wrapped around her upper body!

Photo credit: Vel Bernal / Facebook

Seeing that she looks like she had just woken up or might be about to take a bath (or a swim?), many believe she lives nearby and was so accustomed to having the McDonald’s outlet in the neighborhood that she felt like this was also part of her home.

Netizens are having a good laugh over the photos which were shared by Vel Bernal

Wooow, si ate feel at home Na feel at home! Nakatowel at pajama LNG! Nyaaaaahhh…. Bumili LNG naman sya ng Mcdo. Bigyan ng jacket yan!!!!!!

Of course, there’s really no dress code when at McDonald’s or at most restaurants for that matter but decency and society norms call for everyone to dress appropriately – and a ‘banyo attire’ at a public place is simply not appropriate by most standards!

In light of the strange circumstances shrouding the photo, some netizens ventured that maybe the woman wasn’t in her right mind; although we strongly believe she was really just in a hurry to grab some food and might be late for an appointment or something.

Photo credit: Vel Bernal / Facebook

Others admonished the negative commenters, telling them to mind their own business and “walang basagan ng trip” because the woman might be feeling right at home in that outlet!

What can you say about these photos?

Source: Facebook / Vel Bernal, RachFeed