Disabled Vendor Who Got Robbed Several Times, Rises Up and Becomes Inspiration to Many

While there are disabled people who work hard to earn money in honest ways, there are abled-bodied ones who have no qualms in earning quick cash in unscrupulous ways – and some are even so heartless that they even rob disabled people!

In Tiaong, Quezon, in the Philippines, there is this disabled guy who is fondly called as “Kuya George” Belarmino by those who know him. He sells vegetables in his tricycle which was modified to fit his nearly reclining frame.

Photo credit: Letlet Umali Lector / Facebook

Despite his difficult condition, Kuya George works hard to sell vegetables to his loyal customers but seeing that he had money from selling his goods, some robbers blocked his tricycle one day and robbed him of his day’s earnings. This happened back in 2014.

He was beaten up so hard that the doctors said it was a miracle he managed to survive the attack! He spent days at the hospital; a huge blow to the family considering that selling vegetables is their primary source of income.

Netizens who heard of his plight took pity on Kuya George. They donated money to help pay his hospital bills and to help him start over again.

With hard work and determination, Kuya George was able to rise up and begin selling vegetables again; but seeing his success, some robbers went to his home in 2015, threatening to kill him and his family. To save his family, he was forced to give his money to the robbers.

Because he had no money to buy the vegetables to sell to his customers, he wasn’t able to sell for a week. But with some help from netizens, he was able to get back to selling again.

Photo credit: Letlet Umali Lector / Facebook

Today, Kuya George continues to sell vegetables despite his condition – and he continues to inspire others to work hard and to not complain about their lives because even in his darkest hours, this disabled vendor kept his positive outlook in life…

Sources: Letlet Umali Lector / FacebookGeorge Belarmino / Facebook