Despite Being Rich and Famous, Danica Sotto-Pingris Doesn’t Buy Branded Shoes and Bags

Being the daughter of famous Filipino personalities Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie as well as being an actress herself, Danica Sotto-Pingris certainly had a rich, lavish lifestyle while growing up yet all that money did not go into her head.

Even when she married basketball star Marc Pingris, Danica remained humble and practical, choosing to buy affordable but comfortable clothes instead of splurging on expensive branded items just like what most stars do!

While a lot of today’s stars wear clothes and use bags and shoes only from designer brands, Danica feels comfortable in t-shirts and shorts from some brand from the mall. She’s not very particular with the brand name as long as the clothes and shoes fit her and feel comfortable to wear.

Photo credit: PEP / Trending News Portal

The star also revealed she hasn’t purchased a bag for herself since she got married to Marc and has taken to using stuff she received from him or from her dad as gifts. A lot of netizens were quite surprised to learn that the most expensive bag she owns is a Celine piece she got as a gift from her dad.

Danica also revealed that even if they have a driver, she actually accompanies her kids to school.

Photo credit: PEP / Trending News Portal

Very ano, e. Gusto ko yung simple lang saka nakakagalaw. Since ako naghahatid-sundo sa mga bata, hindi ako makaporma na talagang dapat comfy lagi yung suot ko. Kasama ako sa pagsusundo even when there’s a driver,” the star revealed.

Photo credit: PEP / Trending News Portal

Despite not spending a lot on fashion items, Danica does not consider herself as ‘kuripot’ (stingy/miserly) but more of a practical person. According to her, she does not buy on impulse and often calculates the costs of the items she plans on buying.

She believes it is more practical to not spend a lot on branded items because she could already buy a lot of other things using the amount if she chose a cheaper item. Of course, she does not also buy the cheapest in the market, saying she also thinks about the quality of the item but in making decisions, she still sticks to buying less expensive but quality ones.

Photo credit: PEP / Trending News Portal

She’s truly practical, right?