Couple Inspires Netizens after Both Graduating Cum Laude from UP Mindanao

They’ve known each other since Grade 1 but love only came in college for John Khenbert L. Yu and Kimberly P. Dospueblos.

The two recently went viral for both graduating as cum laude from UP Mindanao, something that netizens are calling as #RelationshipGoals.

Photo credit: KATE DOSPUEBLOS / When in Manila

Khen and Kim were classmates in Grade 1 at Ateneo de Davao University. Back when they were younger, the two were never really friends but because they had the same course in college, BS Architecture, and were blockmates, they soon became ‘barkadas’ in their freshmen year at UP Mindanao.

They spent all their school hours together and were each other’s study buddies; it came as no surprise, then, that their friendship quickly turned to love. By December, they officially became a couple.

Photo credit: JASPER ANDREI LAMPASA / When in Manila

The 5-year course was challenging for the two, but they managed to help each other through all the challenges they had to face, recently graduating cum laude and inspiring many netizens with their heartwarming story.

Photo credit: JASPER ANDREI LAMPASA / When in Manila

Khen and Kim told When in Manila that they were able to balance their love with their studies, mostly because they were focused on their shared goal: to graduate from college. While they were in school, they made sure to prioritize academics over love. In fact, the challenge in their relationship was in how they were more focused with their studies – but their plan worked, they succeeded!

Photo credit: JASPER ANDREI LAMPASA / When in Manila

They did their best, despite the doubts that other people had over their capabilities and their relationship.

Photo credit: JASPER ANDREI LAMPASA / When in Manila

Now that they have graduated from college, both as cum laude, Khen and Kim still have more academic goals together. The first one is to complete 3,840 hours of apprenticeship; second is to pass the board exams within 2 years.

Photo credit: Twitter / @KhenbertYu

The two also wish to have different mentors in their apprenticeship; so they can have different experiences that they can then share with each other. Clever idea, no?

Sources: Twitter / KhenbertYu, When in Manila

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