Child Hides Behind Teacher Because She’s Scared of Mom, Video Goes Viral

Many children are close to their mothers; so close are they that many dads are jealous of this relationship because they also want to be close with their kids. But this is not always the case.

In Barangay Panadtaran San Fernando, Cebu, one kid is so scared of her mother that she chooses to stay with her teacher, even hiding behind the teacher’s back and hugging her just so the mother can’t get her!

Photo credit: Facebook / Kween Sae

A video clip of the incident went viral on Facebook, with many people frowning upon the mother’s actions against the teacher.

Kween Sae, the teacher’s niece, angrily shared the video after the child’s mother said she wants to file a case against the teacher to get her stripped of her license, all because the child wouldn’t go to her but chose to hide behind the teacher!

According to Kween, the mother should ask herself why the child wouldn’t go to her; she should not pin the blame on the teacher who was just protecting the child and acting as a second parent when she was not around.

Kween also revealed that the woman got angry because the kid was transferred to another school but this supposedly had authorization from the child’s father. In the mother’s absence, it was the teacher who allegedly took care of the child and gave her food – and their close bond was obvious in the video.

What child would prefer her teacher over her own mother? Well, this kid did!

Sadly, the teacher is now facing charges for her interference because the mother was too angry that the child wouldn’t go to her.

Netizens also questioned this mom’s actions, saying that it was obvious the kid doesn’t like her at all; in fact, the kid appeared to be really scared of her, seeking refuge behind the teacher!

Poor kid.

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