PHOTOS: Check Out These 16 Beautiful Daughters of Eat Bulaga! Hosts

Eat Bulaga! has long been declared as the longest running noon-time variety show in the Philippines – and although it did have its fair share of problems and controversies, it seems that the show will go on and on…

But we’re not here to talk about the show itself – but about the charming daughters of its hosts! We’ve watched their parents on TV for years but have you seen these beautiful daughters of the funny Eat Bulaga! hosts? Well, check them out in this photo series as first shared by PEP…

Can you guess who their parents are just by looking at the photos?

This is Keira Claire Ballesteros, the daughter of Paolo Ballesteros…

Photo credit: PEP / @pochoy_29 on Instagram

Rianne is Wally Bayola’s younger daughter. Isn’t she pretty?

Photo credit: PEP /

Wally Bayola’s older daughter Marianne Lyza Bayola is also quite a sight to behold! And she has recently made the funny guy a grandpa after she gave birth to baby Zafira.

Photo credit: PEP /

Most TV viewers know that Joey de Leon has a son, Keempee, who’s also a TV star but did you know that he also had two beautiful daughters? Meet Cheenee (left) and Jocas (right most). And in case you didn’t know, the woman on the second place from the right is Joey’s wife,  Eileen Macapagal.

Photo credit: PEP

Scarlet is Pia Guanio’s daughter with businessman husband, Steve Mago.

Photo credit: PEP / @piaguanio_mago on Instagram

This is Dr. Myki Manalo, the gorgeous eldest daughter of funny guy Jose Manalo…

Photo credit: PEP /

There’s no arguing that Ruby Rodriguez looks gorgeous — and her daughter looks so lovely, too!

Photo credit: PEP / @ninichips on Instagram

Vic Sotto with his beautiful daughters, Paulina and Danica

Photo credit: PEP / @danicaspingris on Instagram

Everyone knows Ciara is Tito Sotto’s daughter but many have no idea he actually has a total of 3 lovely daughters! These charming ladies are Lala, Apple, and Ciara…

Photo credit: PEP / @purplelexe on Instagram

This is Andrea, one of Anjo Yllana’s daughters…

Photo credit: PEP / @anjoyllana on Instagram

This gorgeous young lady is Mikaela, also a daughter of Anjo Yllana

Photo credit: PEP / @mikaelayllana on Instagram

Yohan and Baby Luna are the lovely daughters of Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos…

Photo credit: PEP / @ryan_agoncillo on Instagram

These pretty ladies could start a show by themselves, do you think so, too?