Young Lady Bravely Fights the Male Passenger Who Touched Her Body Inside the Bus

S**ual harassment is one of the major concerns of women not only in the country but also in different places around the globe. The government is always advising the ladies, young and old, to be more aware and more vigilant of their surroundings, especially if they are alone.

But despite the constant reminders and advertisements talking about s**ual harassment, many women are still suffering from the unexpected attempts of men of touching several private parts of their body. There are also others who are verbally abused and catcalled, even when they’re just walking on the street.

Despite the danger, a female netizen did something unexpected after a male passenger touched her different private parts while inside a public utility vehicle.

A female netizen shared her experience dealing with a passenger who started to touch the different parts of her body. But unlike the other women who choose to remain silent whenever they are experiencing harassment, the young woman stood up for herself.

The unnamed young lady narrated how she knew something is suspicious when the man, who’s around his 20s, sat beside her. This is despite the fact that there are many empty seats inside the bus.

The man started to stare and smile at her, which made the woman uncomfortable. He also started to make unpleasant gestures.

The young woman pretended that she’s sleeping. This is when she noticed that he is touching her left breast. Instead of just letting it go, the brave woman immediately asked help from other passengers.

With the help of other people, she was able to bring the suspect to the authorities and filed a complaint. Although the suspect’s family insisted that he is innocent, the man spent time in police custody.

Currently, the proceedings are still ongoing.

Here’s the story, as narrated by the victim:

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