This Young Jeepney Driver Graduates from College, Goes Viral for Inspiring Story


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Life was not easy for Gary Roque who became a jeepney driver just like his dad but though he quit school for a while, he went back to finish his studies and fulfill his dreams.

At first, Gary thought that 2 years in college was enough. He tried finding a job but no one accepted him. It is a striking reality in the Philippines that finding a job is not easy if you haven’t completed a college degree.

Photo credit: Gary Roque / Facebook

So, for the 2 years that he was out of school, he only had one job: being a jeepney driver. But he would soon realize that he could go further in life if he completed his college education; thus, he went back to school.

But things were not easy for Gary. He didn’t want to ask help from his parents so he can study again, especially after he had failed them by quitting the first time around. So, he didn’t ditch his job as jeepney driver even after enrolling for his third year in Bachelor in Industrial Technology, Major in Computer Technology at Bulacan State University.

He spent the entire day in school but come 5-6 PM, he would change from his uniform and drive a jeep until around 2-3 AM. He gets to rest just a little bit before he goes back to school at 7 AM. On days when he needed more money for his school needs, he doesn’t get to sleep at all.

So, he often ends up sleeping in many of his subjects in school. Thankfully, his professors were quite understanding of his situation; some even allowed him to go home early so he could spend more time driving and earning money.

There was a time when he wanted to quit. He did quit for a week, thinking the challenges were too difficult for him to overcome. He’s getting very little sleep and had to force himself to still get up and go to school; thankfully, he realized that these difficulties were temporary. He went back to school a week later.

Photo credit: Gary Roque / Facebook

As he graduates from college, Gary thanked the people who had always supported him. He felt grateful for his family, friends, professors, and classmates. But he also recognized the contribution from his passengers whose fares helped him finish his studies.

Congratulations to you, Kuya Jeepney Driver! IT Graduate ka na ngayon! We wish you success in life…

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