This Girl Juggles Being a Diligent Student and Hardworking ‘Balut’ Vendor

Although born in a poor family, Sherwill Angel de Guzman of Calasiao, Pangasinan did not let poverty stop her from going to school and dreaming of having a better life in the future, when she graduates from college.

Because her parents do not have a lot of money to provide for their 6 children’s needs, Sherwill decided to help out by selling ‘balut’ after her classes end in the afternoon.

Photo credit: Facebook / Balitang Amianan

While waiting for customers, Sherwill works on her assignments. But even then, it is challenging for this young lady because she has to cope with just using a small ‘lampara’ as source of light.

A diligent student, Sherwill didn’t mind the dim light and having to juggle being a ‘balut’ vendor with her studies because she is working towards her goal.

Now in Grade 10, Sherwill continues to strive hard and is not ashamed that she’s a ‘balut’ vendor by day. She knows that each day brings her closer to her goal of getting a good job someday and helping her parents.

Dahil po yung paghihirap nila mama ko, ‘pag, yung para mabayaran ko rin, kasi po pag ‘di pa po nakapagtapos sayang po yung paghihirap nila,” she said.

Things become more challenging when she has a lot of assignments and quizzes to complete.

Medyo mahirap, kasi po pag may quiz mahirap pong mag-review, pagsabayin, ganoon. Kaya naman po,” she added.

Thankfully, Sherwill has long accepted her fate, but she reminds everyone to focus on their goals so their parents’ sacrifice will not be in vain.

Photo credit: Facebook / Balitang Amianan

Yung mga paghihirap ng mga magulang niyo, huwag niyo pong sayangin, huwag niyo pong sayangin at baliwalain dahil para sa inyo po ‘yan,” she advised.

Sherwill’s teacher, Freddie Gaspar, said he is very much impressed with this young lady.

Kaya bilib ako sa kanya kung ganyan yung kanyang pananaw sa buhay, dahil nga siya yung mayroong gustong gumanda yung kanyang buhay in the future,” the teacher said.

Sherwill hopes to become a nurse someday – and we couldn’t wait for that day when we hear news that she has finally fulfilled that dream…