Talented Twins Go Viral for Unique Talent, Awesome Beatbox Performance to Sinulog Beat

Beatboxing is an awesome talent that makes use of the person’s mouth, tongue, lips, and voice to mimic various drum machines and similar percussion instruments. But while we have seen a lot of artists with awesome beatboxing talent in recent years, perhaps no one can beat these twins from Carcar City in Cebu.

A teacher at Tal-ut National High School shared a video of his talented students – and it quickly went viral!

In just 24 hours, the clip has gained over 1 million views on Facebook. Many netizens also tagged “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”, a popular TV news magazine show on GMA 7 network.

Photo credit: Facebook / BaDz

But why the huge interest on this clip and the twins in it? Well, as you can see in the video, these two young boys are quite talented.

At first, you would see them shyly doing the beat and doing a silly dance but when the teacher urged them to start, reminding them that the bell would ring soon, the two began to take the presentation more seriously.

The beat was fast and their beatboxing so loud that many netizens commented that they just couldn’t copy these young lads’ style!

What made them so popular with Cebuano viewers is that they were doing the Sinulog beat, the sound used by dancers in the religious festival that is so popular in Cebu. However, these kids were so talented that they amazed even those who had no idea what the Sinulog is!

A lot of netizens declared that these boys can easily compete with the talented people in the reality TV talent shows in the country. Do you agree?

Check out their performance here:

Source: Facebook / BaDz

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