Stop Popping Your Zits! Netizen Shares The Effects Of Popping Pimples, Especially On The Nose

We’ve all been there. Pimples and acne are two of the biggest problems we faced during our teenage years. Who would forget dealing with these challenges, especially during the most important events of our lives? During the day of our JS Prom or first date, a big pimple appeared in the middle of your face.

One of the solutions that people have in dealing with pimples and acne is by popping it. But did you know that popping your pimple can result in bigger problems? This is a lesson learned by a social media user after popping a pimple and things didn’t go so well.

Facebook user Hannah Torres doesn’t usually develop zits so it is understandable why a small nose pimple irritated her so much. Since she knew that popping or touching it can lead to more problems, she just left it untouched.

Unfortunately, one unlucky day, one of her playful colleagues got in contact with her zit. Before she knew it, the pimple was already popped.

[Image Credit: Hannah Christine Santos Torres / Facebook]
This started Hannah’s suffering from her nose pimple. The day after the incident, she was shocked to find that her mouth was already swollen, an apparent effect of the infected pimple.

After two days, the lower part of her face was still affected.

Her team leader advised her to have a check-up and their company doctor informed her that it was an infected acne. She was given some antibiotics and was advised to take it for five days.

[Image Credit: Hannah Christine Santos Torres / Facebook]
Four days after her zit popped, she found her right eye growing swollen. She also felt sick and weak.

Kinabukasan pag gising ko naramdaman ko nalang na parang ang kapal kapal ng nguso ko at parang magkahalong pag kirot at pagka manhid ang nararamdaman ko. Pagtayo ko at pag harap ko sa salamin nagulat nalang ako ng nakita ko na namamaga na pati ang nguso ko.

With the help of a skin expert, she was prescribed with three medicines, one of which are steroids. It turns out that her current condition was already so dire that even the prescribed antibiotics given to her could no longer remedy it.

Unfortunately, she lost seven days of work. Thankfully, she was saved from her predicament. She also warned other people who are fond of popping their pimples to stop the habit.

[Image Credit: Hannah Christine Santos Torres / Facebook]
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It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. If you think a part of your body is infected, seek help from the doctor immediately.

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