Photo Of An Ice Cream Vendor Braving The Heavy Rain Is Breaking Many Hearts

Nowadays, a lot of street vendors are doing everything to sell their products and earn enough money to fund their daily cost of living. These street vendors are enduring all the hardship and the difficulties of selling their products to give their family all their financial necessities. From the scorching heat of the sun to the heavy rains, these vendors are one of the people who sacrifices the most, for the comforts of their families.

Recently, a heartbreaking photo of an ice cream vendor amidst the heavy rain goes viral and is breaking the hearts of many social media users.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
In a Facebook post by a Facebook page named Pesteng Ehem, a photo of an ice cream vendor braving the heavy rains while pushing his cart in the middle of the street is breaking the hearts of the netizens. The photo shows the determination of the ice cream vendor in doing his best to provide a living for his family.

Even if he will get sick and his safety is compromised by braving the heavy rains, the ice cream vendor continues to bring a certain amount of cash for his family.

Ramdam ko ung ganito ung tipong wala kanang ibang gagawin kundi ituloy ang buhay na meron ka ngaun.

Ngayon mo ireklamo na nahihirapan ka sa buhay mo! Kapag nakita mo to.

Tell your struggle to people who struggle more than you and you will realize how blessed your life is.

After seeing the now viral photo, social media users lauded the vendor for making a decent living, even if he had to work harder. Some say that he is a living example that people should be thankful for what we have.

See the photo here:


In a life when we often complain about what is happening to our lives, some people are working hard, even sacrificing their lives and safety, to provide for their families. Manong ice cream vendor is a proof that we should be satisfied with what we have.

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