Parents Are Like Coffee: Drink It While It is Still Hot; Give Them the Love Until They Are Still There

Parents’ love for their children is always unconditional while children’s love can be conditional.

The difference between their love is that whenever a child becomes busy with his or her life after graduating from the university or being independent, he or she starts to ignore his or her parents. Unfortunately, there are times when the children get married, they stop going to their parent’s house or avoid them.

Meanwhile, parents would never ignore their children whatever the situation will be. They are always waiting to lend a helping hand. Parent’s love is always unconditional and pure. These children, who ignore their parents, will start to know how it feels to be a parent once they have children of their own.

A netizen learned the lesson the emotional way after spending a day with her mother.

Life’s Realization

Rizalyn’s mother asked her to go out. She was about to refuse since she only has P200 in her wallet but her inner self insisted her to go. The money left was supposed to be for her transportation allowance until the next cut-off. However, she found herself thinking that she can eat in different restaurants herself but she cannot even treat her parents. She can go out with her friends but she cannot even give a few hours to her mother.

After some time of reflection, Rizalyn learned different life lessons:

We should thank our parents, they deserve to be paid off even in the smallest way that we can do.

You can buy liquor for yourself but you can’t treat your parents even a cup of coffee.

You have the money to buy beautiful clothes but you cannot even give them something small.

If we can go out of town with friends, why can’t we take them to places they want to go?

[Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures]
[Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures]
Eat out with your parents. Reminisce the old times when you are still young. Always take time for your parents because they deserve it. They sacrificed a lot while taking care of us.

Go out with them once in a while. Love your parents while they are still there. Make them feel that you are willing to do everything that can make them happy. Even small things matter a lot to them. Don’t forget to thank them every day.

Drink your coffee while it’s hot. Same with our parents, give all the love habang di pa huli ang lahat.

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Posted by Rizalyn E. Aguilos on Saturday, April 21, 2018


Grab your phone. Call your parents and thank them.  Even a minute of asking them how they are every day can do a lot.

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