Pacquiao Fulfills Promise to Ice Cream Vendor, Personally Turns Over Fully Furnished House

Photo credit: Facebook / BomboRadyo Gensan

Remember the ice cream vendor that Manny Pacquiao gave money to and promised a house and lot last week? Well, Manong Lino Entia finally got that promised house and lot last June 2 – and it was fully furnished!

Just imagine the joy that Manong Lino and his family felt when they finally got to see their new house! But this was made even more special by the presence of their generous donor, Manny Pacquiao, who personally turned over the unit to the lucky family.

It can be recalled that Pacquiao had only met Manong Lino by chance last week (click here to read the story).

Photo credit: GMA News

Last June 2, making good on his promise, the boxing-champ-turned-senator turned the unit over to 74-year-old Manong Lino.

Photo credit: Facebook / BomboRadyo Gensan

The family had hit the jackpot.

Manong Lino told GMA News that he had been poor for his entire life, even needing to work two jobs just to feed his family. Even at his old age, he has to work. Recently, he suffered a mild stroke but still had to go back and find a job to earn money.

Photo credit: Facebook / BomboRadyo Gensan

It was really quite lucky for him that he had been at that spot the time Pacquiao and his team were waiting for their vehicle. When the senator heard his story, he was immediately offered a house and lot plus a job so he wouldn’t have to sell ice cream in the streets anymore.

Photo credit: Facebook / BomboRadyo Gensan

Knowing that the poor ice cream vendor wouldn’t have enough money to buy furnishings yet, Pacquiao and his team made sure the house turned over to Manong Lino had everything they needed.

The neighbourhood was abuzz at Manong Lino’s arrival because Pacquiao was there to inspect the house and formally give it to him. It was truly one of the happiest days in Manong Lino’s life.

Sources: GMA News