Netizen Shares Paranormal Encounter Experience While Riding GrabCar

Some people are not comfortable traveling during midnight because they are either scared of culprits or bad spirits but sometimes they have no choice but to do it.

For some who don’t believe in ghosts or lost spirits, this might make you change your mind. One netizen shared the paranormal experience he encountered when he was traveling to his destination.

Sam Andrew Lee was going to Oasis in the middle of the night via Grab when he noticed that there’s someone with him so he told the driver that he did not book a GrabShare.

Image by Sam Andrew Lee

Upon reaching Litex in Commonwealth Avenue, the man disappeared and re-appeared while approaching near Sandigan so he decided to take a quick selfie hoping that he could capture the ‘ghost’.

Image by Sam Andrew Lee

To his surprise, the ghost appeared in the photo which he later showed to the driver who was also shocked

He immediately got off the car as soon as he reached the destination.

“Sorry kuya pero wala ayoko po kayo samahan sa byaheng may iba pa tayong kasama na mas malakas pa sakin,” he said.

“Sino mag aakala na maaga ako makakaranas ng ganito at lagi to nangyayari pag natapat na sa may bandang Batasan,” he added.

Image by Sam Andrew Lee

His post reached over 8,000 reactions and over 16,000 shares all over Facebook.

“Grabe yan. Iba kilabot ko ngayon, nakakaramdam din ako minsan kahit sa kwento lang basta pag totoo kikilabutan ako hanggang ulo ko. O medyo magluluha mata ko.. Pero parang normal nadin sakin, pero alam kong malakas aura at totoo ang kwento. Dyan kase yata banda sa Batasan yung madalas may naaaksidente diba?” one netizen expressed her thoughts on the comments.

This just goes to show that there are still spirits who haven’t crossed towards the light and still staying with the living people, we can help these lost spirits by praying for them.

Read his full story here:

Screengrab from Sam Andrew Lee

Source: Facebook / Sam Andrew Lee