Netizen Shares New Modus Operandi, Caller Asks Money in Exchange for Your Safety

Last year, Facebook user Rinna Lizza posted a modus operandi wherein an anonymous person will call and text you asking for money in exchange for safety.

Though this was posted last year, it recently circulated on Facebook again, alarming people but also sharing awareness that there’s this kind of modus.

According to her post, someone who called her at around 11 am said that the caller’s boss will call her later. A few minutes later, this certain boss called her, saying that a businessman paid them Php80,000 in exchange for her life but if she will cooperate with them, they will spare her life. At the time of the call, she was driving so she asked the caller to call her back at around 1 pm so they could talk things over.

The caller also sent her different text messages but she couldn’t reply because she has no load and was not interested because she clearly knows that it was another modus operandi.

Image from Rinna Lizza via Facebook

Soon, the caller called again and this time, her partner who was with her was on the other side of her earphone.

This time, the caller informed her that they received a payment of Php150,000 for her but to save her life, she needs to pay Php200,000. Insisting to get the name of the ‘contractor’, Rinna got pissed and passed the phone over to her boyfriend.

Luckily, her husband knows how to speak Bisaya because the callers are not good at speaking Tagalog and he can tell they were Bisaya because of their accent.

“BF: Unsa man, Dong? Kasabot ko!
B: Ok kasabot ka?! Paminaw ha…
BF: Unsang paminaw?! Ikaw makinig! Wala namang kakwenta kwenta modus nyo!
B: (In Bisaya) Hindi Bai, kaya kami nakikipagusap, para magkaintidihan ngayon.
BF: ANO?! Eh hindi nyo man lang kilala kausap nyo nanghihingi na kayo 200,000? Di man lang bente mil para kapanipaniwala!
At saka bakit kayo tataliwas sa kontrata nyo? Ano bang klaseng killer kayo? Ngayon, makikipagdeal kayo sa buhay ng target nyo?
Ano ba yan!
B: Nasan ba si Mam Corpuz?
BF: Bakit nyo hinahanap? Ako kausap mo!
B: Eh sino ka ba? Ikaw ba ang asawa nya?
BF: Oh kita mo, hindi mo man lang ako kilala, ano ba yan! Maghanap ka na ng ibang lolokohin, bistado na kayo!
B: (In Bisaya) Hindi mo ko maiintidihan at hindi rin kita maiintidihan kahit anong paguusap natin…

The call ended. BF caught wind that they were using ‘unli‘ plans since the call ended at exactly 11 min.
After a few seconds they called back again but this time with a new person on the phone that can speak better tagalog.

BF: Oh ano tapos na unli calls? Ano ba yan, mahina!
Wag na kayo tumawag, maghanap na lang kayo iba dyan.
B: Eh ayun na nga alam mo na nga, kaya babye na!” she written on her post.

She admits using her personal number for her transactions because she thought that she can easily have these blocked.

Her post gathers 13,000 reactions and over 17,000 shares online.

This is a type of modus that is very alarming knowing that this may cost one’s life. We must be vigilant at all times and be careful if we will post our personal information online.

Read her full story here:

Source: Facebook / Rinna Lizza

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