Netizen Shares Her Experience From Gallbladder Stones Due To Unhealthy Lifestyle

The government, including the health experts, never fail to remind us that we should take care of our bodies. From the food that we are eating to the physical activities that we are doing, they are always emphasizing the importance of awareness and moderation.

Recently, a netizen shared via Facebook about a difficult battle that she faced because of her health condition. According to Van Laragan Lpt, she has developed a life-threatening gallbladder stone brought by her unhealthy lifestyle.

Her gallbladder stones started after she began consuming sugary beverages such as soft drinks and fruit juices, caffeinated drinks like coffee, and street foods such as betamax, adidas, and isaw. She also never eats without any condiments.

Yes, sobrang hilig ko sa kape, juice, softdrinks, ihaw at lalo na sawsawan tuwing kakain kailangan ko ng sasawan.

Not thinking about the effects of these kinds of food on her overall health, she still continued her unhealthy lifestyle even when she was already pregnant. When all of a sudden, she felt a painful throbbing pain on her upper right abdomen.

So, itinakbo ako sa hospital pinainom lang ako nung gamot na nilalagay sa likod ng dila then after an hour nawala na yung sakit so umuwi nanaman ako. Okay nanaman.

After the incident, the excruciating pain came back after two days. She tried enduring the pain and discomfort, thinking that it would go away.

The pain kept pestering her until she gave birth via caesarian section procedure. Luckily, her child came out healthy and normal.

Van thought that the pain already stopped but she began suffering from it again in her upper right abdomen a week after giving birth. According to her, even if she’s already suffering, she still continued consuming the unhealthy foods and drinks.

Tuwing nalalamigan ako, umiinom ng softdrinks, umiinom ng juice, umiinom ng kape. Lalo na kape inaatake ako!

Unfortunately, she found out that she already developed numerous gallbladder stones. She underwent two years of medication until she had a surgical operation to remove them.

Now, Van is free from the gallbladder stones and discomfort. She is currently living a healthier lifestyle too.

[Image Credit: Van Laragan Lpt / Facebook]
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Did you learn a lot from Van’s story? It’s not late yet. We only have one body so let’s take better care of it.

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