Kindhearted Motorcycle Rider Gives Food To The Less Fortunate And Starts The Good Deeds Challenge

[Image Credit: Jasper De Leon Cabrera / Facebook]

Nowadays, we often see videos and photos of Good Samaritans who are helping people who are less fortunate or those who are in need. Most of these stories are making rounds on social media to spread the word to other people to start helping others too.

Good Samaritans are garnering praises and adorations from the online community. Since they are showing acts of kindness towards other people, they are serving as an example to others. In their small little ways, these people can start making a change in the society.

[Image Credit: Jasper De Leon Cabrera / Facebook]
Recently, a video footage of a kind-hearted motorcycle rider is going viral. In the video, he is distributing and giving food to less-fortunate people while riding his motorcycle.

A Facebook user named Jasper De Leon Cabrera uploaded a video footage showing him and his good deeds challenge.

[Image Credit: Jasper De Leon Cabrera / Facebook]
In the said video, it can be seen that he is buying a bunch of meals from Jollibee and started roaming around the city in his motorcycle. He started giving the said newly purchased food to the less fortunate around the city.

Basing on his caption, the Good Samaritan wants to start a change in the society by starting a good deeds challenge. He is hoping to serve as an inspiration and a starter for other people to start helping those who are in need.

Go! Go! Go!
We can Do this!

Do the #GoodDeedsChallenge and after
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[Image Credit: Jasper De Leon Cabrera / Facebook]
Many social media users started lauding the motorcycle rider for showing his kindness and dedication to helping other people.

Jasper, later on, revealed that the post was an old one and he is currently working as an OFW. Because of homesickness, he started to share it with other people to start doing good deeds for other people.

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Are you ready to help those who are in need? We can help in our small little ways too! How do you think you can start helping the less fortunate?