Kids Crossing a Dangerous River in Rattan Cage, Find Help after Plight Goes Viral

While it is not true for everyone, education is still considered as the primary key to success. You can’t become successful unless you finish your studies and eventually find a good-paying job.

But the road to success, even the road to graduation, is not an easy one.

Photo credit: NewsLine Inc / YouTube

The school children in Barangay Pichon in Caraga, Davao Oriental have the same thing in mind. They all want to finish their studies and live a better life but things aren’t easy for them.

To reach school, many of them have to spend many hours walking – and most have to cross a dangerous river. Before, there was a bailey bridge spanning the river; it was built by the provincial government but it was later swept away by floods.

Unsure when the government can provide them with another bridge, the residents created a makeshift bridge made from readily available materials in the area – and this happened to be rattan.

Photo credit: NewsLine Inc / YouTube

But the cable bridge they made wasn’t the usual thing that you can walk on. Instead, the students have to get inside a rattan cage, then pull on the cable wire to move the cage across the water. It was physical work for these young ones and it seemed rather tiring, with one student even stopping in the middle to rest for a while.

Just imagine how difficult it can be for these young learners to do this every single day, once in going to school and another time in the afternoon when they have to go home.

The principal, Pablo Banabal, of Butay Integrated School where these kids are studying took pity on these kids. He took a video which he uploaded on social media, in hopes that they can find the help they need.

True enough, after the post went viral, it quickly reached the office of Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go who directed Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar to find ways, ASAP, to help these students.

Photo credit: NewsLine Inc / YouTube

Naawa ako sa mga estudyante, binaliwala ang takot na sumakay sa rattan cable” para lang makapasok. The President vowed to support all students especially those in the remote areas, kaya magpadala kami ng team bukas to check the condition of the river and ultimately build a bridge for the students and the people in the area,” Go said.

We’re waiting for an update on this situation. We hope these kids will truly get a better, safer bridge soon!

Source: NewsLine PH

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