K Brosas: she’s happy with what’s going with her career now

Image via K Brosas' Instagram account
  • K Brosas shared that she’s happy about her recent success in showbiz and she’s looking forward to achieve more
  • The singer-comedienne gave details about her 18-year-showbiz career
  • The 42-year-old celebrity said that she is grateful for talents and gifts and that it is now being recognized by many

K Brosas said it was a good thing she held on to her showbiz career dreams despite the times when she felt like her career was going nowhere. The actress used to correlate her showbiz career to a parked car or a vehicle on neutral gear, steady and just stagnant. She had several extra roles, small-time hosting and band gigs.

Now, it seems like she is starting to get closer to achieving more in the Philippine entertainment industry.

During her interview with Inquirer, the 42-year-old confessed that she used to feel like her 18 years in the limelight isn’t that fulfilling but she refused to give up. She believed that “patience is a virtue” – and now she is reaping the rewards of her effort.

At present, K is one of the regular judges in the segment “Tawag ng Tanghalan” of “It’s Showtime”, the ABS-CBN noontime variety show. She also just had her book “K-Sabihan” for second printing. Aside from that the celebrity mom also has a solo album entitled “Bali-Balitang K” and an upcoming major concert titled “18K for 2018” at the Kia Theatre on April 28.

Although it took a while, Maria Carmela Brosas a.k.a. K Brosas finally got recognized for her skills.

K also shared that what she went through, including the time when she lost her possessions due to the strong storm “Ondoy” in 2009, financial problems and other hardships, actually strengthened her.

The comedienne said she is very grateful for her “gift of humor.” It is a skill that she has been blessed with. She also added that being a comedienne cannot be taught in workshops. She also emphasized that when she sees videos of herself making other people laugh, her heart feels full.

The Fil-Am singer-actress also revealed some details about her 18th showbiz anniversary concert. She said she will be amusing people with a mix of comedy and music. K, who has been singing since she was 17 hopes to see her audience leave the concert venue feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Her line-up of special guests include veteran singers Regine Velasquez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kyla, Jaya, and Angeline Quinto. Plus, her co-comedian Chokoleit and Pooh will be gracing her concert as well. Lastly, her daughter, Crystal Brosas, who is also a good singer would also perform in the upcoming event.